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Posted by topazknight - September 22nd, 2008

this is a census.
Just tell me that you read this and what brought you to my awesome account page.
im just bored to hell right now. i cant think of anything for DA, so get this... i actually put my english homework on there. so far the only reader i know about or art enthusiest with rather incredible art is scorpionX0. check that if you want your head blown off from attention to detail.
other than that, zero puntuations' getting good recently. Spore was on it, and some pretty profound evolution theories came about.

...and herbivores have to die a lot. After your creature devours enough food pellets, god staples some legs to your ass then kicks you into the trible phase. The transition [between the two phases] was about as smooth as a controlled demolition. the problem...

I find sarcasm and cynicism funny when its aimed at games that cant possibly live up to its predacessors, (william wright's "The Sims" series.)
as for william wright, spore seems to be working as a sandbox and nothing more.

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Comments (4)

You sound very intelligent for your age...but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dismiss school so flippantly.

Don't forget...in Highschool...such high levels of intelligence are overlooked and belittled. But being the bigger man means taking some sacrifices in the unimportant lifestyles that are HIghschool Clicks.

High School means a time for Scholarships....and the higher your GPA...the higher your scholarship to get a better education...

Don't mope...or get bored so easily...establish some goals in life and GO full force.

Haven't you ever felt enthusiastic about anything?

Remember...if you give it all you got to try to shoot for the stars...if you fail...you can at least land on the moon.

Very inspiring. Im very enthusiastic about theoretical physics, comedic acts of random, and Half life 2. Im taking this and listening to it. Ooh rah

i do read. but i didnt read this

just bored like hell T.T

my comp sucks, your coment got stuck behind an interface. All i can read is "just bored like hell. T.T"
Ty for comment

I read some of it. Does that count?

too long roight?