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2008-10-03 23:41:38 by topazknight

Had an airsoft war last thuresday. i used over 4000 rounds with my G-36k, its a fucking awesome gun.
AEG 360fps with 5 rounds a second.
Oh well.
math teacher is a bitch, but to be fair, I sometimes fall asleep in class for a few minutes at a time.
Science is awesome. Im in biology 2.

Trying to not be self centered here, if you want, answer a few questions cause this is as much traffic any of my sites usually get.
Q: Do you airsoft, if so, with what gun?
make up your own question and answer it, or ask me somthing

anyway, taking advice from past posts, im being more enthusiastic about things.
Sunset drawings rock.
This is my DA profileThe first pic you see is the good one. I put TIME INTO THAT.

remember the question thing


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2008-11-20 11:15:15

that is cooool!!!!!