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I quit art

2009-08-11 22:35:17 by topazknight

If you think this is stupid then you dont get it. Think, "Top of my art class, winner of multiple creative art contests, and then.... this." Fanart destroys all other forms of art.

Seriously, a picture of renamon taking it in the ass gets about 60000 views versus a well thought out and exicuted picture such as nuclear dawn. Im speaking of my art with such high reguard because im tired of being nice. Its fucking insane, i work my ass off to get a decent picture, and its buried under fanart, porn, and everything else fucked up in this world.

So basically, im out. Fuck it, might even an hero just to save you all some time. Im done. There is no future in art for me. My best work was completly overlooked, and twice as good as half the shit here or on DA.


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