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This is good!

Matrix vocals are great, amazing piano-pad section too. Not a big fan of cheering, (personal thing) Great song, hope to hear more!!

Love the stereo drums

Great beat
Amazing synths
interesting vox

As the gamers say;
"This are the amazing!"

I like how it builds

I could not understand a word of the 'singing' though.
If you could, try not to edit it so heavily. This has potential for being an amazing, top scoring song


Cant say why, but i cant stop listening to this... to the point where its almost concerning, Oh well! Untill i can hear again, Great song, love it.
If you were to do another in this mood or whatever, Id listen/review/down!

Carf responds:

well its your lucky day, I am going to work out a concept for a cd with only classical influent hardstyle tracks. there is a complete story involved within the tracks.
Thanks for the review, always appriciated, especialy for the people who keep a serious eye on my do's and donts.
The next one is up already BUT its a preview. You can find it under Dragonfly2 WIP.

Really fun to listen to!

Expecially around 2:35, great buildup and everything.
Love the bass, it goes great with the main tune.
I like how it bleeds out toward the end into mellowness. Really good song
You were right as well, this is your best song evarr!!

Mich responds:

I'm glad you like it! =)
I think it's even better after 4:10 :p

Ireally like the song, but...

this isnt youtube. Youtube would have given a lot more comments, and a load more views. As for uploading others work, at least you didnt claim it your own.
Thanks for that much. Other than that, ive been looking for a download of this for a while.

Get rid of the "Pang" noise and its ok

I liked it, add some synth, a heavy bassline, and some length and youve got an amazing track! Ill save this, because it has potential and people need to hear it
(Y'know, more suggestions FANS LATER!!!!)
Youve got somthing great started, i hope you consider my stuff.


Just remade the best hell march and didnt butcher it, surprisingly enough.
Its not often i get to listen to a good remix much less a VG remix.
Great work.

YOU got the feeling of it right!

Noboru Uematsu didnt have a dark enough feeling to his version, it sounded more like... something else. (YOUVE FAILED ME BRAIN)
Excelent work. too bad i didnt see this before
little short and a little slow for being so slow

Secret of mana, Favorite game

Secret of mana - Not the end, Favorite fan song.
Please do more like this, its great

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